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  • Rob (Saturday, November 03 07 09:45 pm GMT)

    best wishes
    Hi babe raelly pleased to see the web site up and running at last after all the hard work you have put in. I am really proud how well it has turned out i had no doubt with your strength and determination that you would not achieve what you wanted.You must be pleased with the way your new bucks are turning out and i can't wait to see what Kits they produce next year, I hope that the new hutches are okay and that you will not require anymore for a little while.Beat wishes and love for the future rob x

  • countryguineapiggery (Monday, November 05 07 08:30 am GMT)

    Well done
    Hi lyn,
    Fantastic site and some lovely buns. Milly has grown into a beautiful little lady she looks so happy and well. Keep up the good work and good luck with all you do in the future.
    All the best
    tam x

  • mandy (Monday, November 05 07 10:51 am GMT)

    lovely site
    lyn your website is fantastic.your minis are lovely,well done and keep up the brill work.



  • lisa (Monday, November 05 07 04:56 pm GMT)

    Hi and thank you for signing my guestbook. I have had a nosy round your site and your rabbits are beautifull. All the best for your future plans.

  • Gill (Monday, November 05 07 07:13 pm GMT)

    Hi Lyn. Thanks for signing my guestbook. You have some beautiful bunnies. I wish I could make mine sit up as nice as yours when they are having their pics done. Hope all goes well for you in the future. I will keep popping back to see your updates. Best wishes. Gill. www.freewebs.com/flopsybunnies

  • Tracey (Monday, November 05 07 07:26 pm GMT)

    Hi, Thanks for visiting my site. You have stunning rabbits i will check back for updates on your litters. www.freewebs.com/traceysminilops

  • Richard Blooming Rabbits) (Tuesday, November 06 07 04:50 am GMT)

    RE: Mini Lops
    Hi Lyn thanks for visiting me in Australia lol on the web anyway your site is great hope you have a lot of fun with your bunnies as i do with minecall back and visit again i am an x pom myself cheers Richard at http://www.freewebs.com/bloomingrabbits

  • Lyn (Tuesday, November 06 07 02:40 pm GMT)

    Thanks for signing my guest book, your website looks great!

    best wishes,

  • moonshinestud (Wednesday, November 07 07 09:46 pm GMT)

    Nice site, hope to meet you soon


  • Nursery Rhymes Day Nursery (Thursday, November 08 07 09:08 am GMT)

    We just wanted to say "Thanks" for the rabbit you gave to the nursery a few weeks ago, she is beautiful and has just the right temperment to be enjoyed by the children, she is so gentle and really sociable..perfect.
    Very many thanks again and best wishes for all your future bunnies
    Love from All at Nursery Rhymes x x

  • Diana (Thursday, November 08 07 11:14 am GMT)

    Thanks for signing my guest book
    Hey thanks for signing my guest book. You have some nice bunnies too. Infact they are adprable. keep up the good work
    diana www.freewebs.com/dhoglee

  • Chris (Thursday, November 08 07 02:57 pm GMT)

    Lovely pics %26 your buns all look real characters. Typical Mini-Lops full of life \%26 full of fun.

    All look very happy and good luck in 2008.
    Love Chris

  • steven (Friday, November 09 07 06:00 pm GMT)

    you have lovely rabbits,check our site www.freewebs.com/mcyorkielops

  • Emma Morgan (Friday, November 09 07 07:12 pm GMT)

    Beautiful bunnies
    Hi! Thanks for signing my guestbook. You have some gorgeous bunnies, esp the chocolate! Good luck with it all.


  • Kelly Rose (Friday, November 09 07 08:15 pm GMT)

    Hi Lyn your website looks really good!!! i still think you should let me have Murphy he is so gorgeous!!!

    but will look forward to seeing his babies next year as i am sure they will be as cute as him and everyone will want one, especially me!!!

  • michelle (Saturday, November 10 07 03:05 pm GMT)

    berrys enterprise!
    Hi Lyn fab website x
    You never give up when you set your mind on something do you! You go girl!!!!!
    Luv Mich xx

  • mandy warringtonfrenchlops@hotmail.co.uk (Monday, November 12 07 10:22 am GMT)

    hi there you have some great rabbits fab site all the best for the future.

  • Gemma (Wednesday, November 14 07 10:07 am GMT)

    Thank you
    Id like to say a BIG thank you to Lyn....No.1 bunny breeder!!! Thank you so much for RUBY, the cutest, most beautiful little bunny. As soon as i saw her photo i knew i had to have her, no other id seen could compare.
    Id also like to say to anyone interested in buying one of Lyns bunnys, go for it, you will NOT be disappointed, you wont find a more caring, animal loving breeder than Lyn.
    Gemma x

  • Charlotte (Wednesday, November 14 07 02:02 pm GMT)

    Lovely Bunnies!
    Hiya I've just had a look around your site...it's lovely! Your bunnies are gorgeous too!
    Just to say good luck with everything really!
    All the best,
    Mini Lop Breeder


  • Angharad (Wednesday, November 14 07 07:52 pm GMT)

    Hi there, you have a great site, and some georgeous bunnies!
    All the Best

  • jayne (Friday, November 23 07 07:05 am GMT)

    mini lops
    Hi, I have just found your site whilst browsing and your mini lops are very beautiful, you have a lovely assortment of colours you must be very proud. Good luck for 2008. Please pop along to my site some time, thanks.

  • Tiffeny (Wednesday, December 05 07 02:13 pm GMT)

    Hi, Just been on your site to look around. Your bunny's are lovely. Keep up the good work. Tiffeny

  • Tam (Tuesday, December 18 07 07:54 pm GMT)

    Merry Xmas
    Hi lyn,
    Hope things are well with you and the buns,just popped by to say merry xmas and a happy new year. Cant wait to see what milly produces in 2008.
    Wishing you all the best
    Tam and clan

  • Freya Toyne (Thursday, December 20 07 10:19 pm GMT)


    Hey i'm looking to buy two rabbits in the new year i'd like to buy a pair that know each other babies abd i'm picking up information and thought i'd sign your book and thank you for your informative website i live in cheltenham two!

  • Ann (Friday, January 11 08 07:58 am GMT)

    Hi there
    Nice website. Little Milly looks lovely. All the best to you for 2008. Your welcome to visit my website.

  • claireplaygirls stud) (Sunday, January 13 08 05:30 pm GMT)

    hi Lyn you have some lovely bunnys and great website. Me and my daughters breed and show rabbits our breeds are dwarf lop, mini lops, mini lion lops, netherland dwarfs and my daughters hulstlander lol. have a look at our website www.claireplaygirlsrabbits.piczo.com

    Claire x

  • theresa (Tuesday, January 15 08 11:01 am GMT)

    breeder of mini lops %26 dwarf lops nsw
    Hi just love your bunnies %26 site love the photos %26 info keep up the good work

  • http://www.Fluffyrabbits.co.uk (Saturday, January 19 08 05:13 pm GMT)

    Interesting site,i like the log hutch,page titles a little bright otherwise nice.

  • Chloe (Sunday, January 20 08 09:27 am GMT)

    Your rabbits look sooo fluffy. dey must b spoilt to bits!

    dey r soo cute!

    lol x clo x

  • Chloe (Sunday, January 20 08 09:27 am GMT)

    Your rabbits look sooo fluffy. dey must b spoilt to bits!

    dey r soo cute!

    lol x clo x

  • paulineomalley (Sunday, January 20 08 09:33 am GMT)

    i love all your rabbits the babies are so cute

  • Wolfgang Müller (Tuesday, February 05 08 05:55 am GMT)

    Good luck in breeding 2008
    Hello Lyn Berry,
    very nice site, with even more nice rabbits.Take a look at our own websites in Germany.
    Friendly regards from Germany

  • Sara of Winter's Stud (Monday, February 11 08 07:11 pm GMT)

    Your rabbits
    Hi Lyn, your mini's are lovely! Love your Blue best though :) I've just got my 1st mini doe %26 am getting my buck soon :)

    Do you show your rabbits at all? (Might of seen you at a local show)

    Sara xxx

    my website = www.freewebs.com/winterstud

  • Laura LILY STUD) (Sunday, February 17 08 11:09 am GMT)

    Hi great site and cute bunnies and how cute are those ducks. all the best and good luck love laura @ Lily STud

  • brewery stud (Tuesday, February 19 08 09:37 pm GMT)

    hey great site i love them ducks r they urs?lol? ! lovely rabbits all the best pls take a look at our site at brewery stud if u get chance regards hannah schofield x

  • Emma Morgan (Wednesday, February 20 08 06:34 am GMT)

    Thanks for your message on my website. I'm loving your new kits - they are gorgeous!
    Good luck with it all!

  • Sue (Saturday, February 23 08 02:03 pm GMT)

    Hi i really like the colour of Maisie and Mimi, they are really pretty. Because my rabbits are Continental and British Giants, yours seem so delicate and petite. Ilove the pictures of your other pets too. Hope you have a good year Sue,

  • lucy (Monday, February 25 08 11:22 am GMT)

    minis lops
    hi lyn your site is lovely. im about to get a minilop doe from rosies rabbits in warickshire. i also breed netherland rexes, dwarflops and lionheads i really enjoy breeding.
    take care lucyxx

  • Tam (Tuesday, March 04 08 04:07 pm GMT)

    Hiya Lyn,
    Thank you very much for letting me know,cant wait to see pics in a few wks. Milly has grown into a beautiful bun,very sweet. We have now started showing the buns %26 guinea's, great fun and very exciting.
    Will pop back very soon to see how Milly %26 babes are doing. Hope all is well with you.
    Speak soon %26 take care
    Tam x

  • Tam (Tuesday, March 04 08 04:08 pm GMT)

    Hiya Lyn,
    Thank you very much for letting me know,cant wait to see pics in a few wks. Milly has grown into a beautiful bun,very sweet. We have now started showing the buns and guinea's, great fun and very exciting.
    Will pop back very soon to see how Milly %26 babes are doing. Hope all is well with you.
    Speak soon and take care
    Tam x

  • Tam (Tuesday, March 04 08 04:08 pm GMT)

    Hiya Lyn,
    Thank you very much for letting me know,cant wait to see pics in a few wks. Milly has grown into a beautiful bun,very sweet. We have now started showing the buns and guinea's, great fun and very exciting.
    Will pop back very soon to see how Milly and babes are doing. Hope all is well with you.
    Speak soon and take care
    Tam x

  • alison davis (Saturday, March 15 08 09:46 pm GMT)

    berrys bunnys
    Hi Lyn just looked at your website very impressive,really cute little darlings.hope you do really well with berrysbunnys pop round soon for a cuddle[with rabbits] x

  • alison davis (Saturday, March 15 08 09:49 pm GMT)

    berrys bunnys
    Hi Lyn just looked at your website very impressive,really cute little darlings.hope you do really well with berrysbunnys pop round soon for a cuddle[with rabbits] x

  • sarah (Sunday, March 16 08 02:06 pm GMT)

    hi you have some really lovely rabbits .I did see you had one off tamara i also had a pair off her i have just got some babies from them i also have had guinea pigs from tamara do take a look at my web site Abertillery Cavies and Mini Lops good luck cheers sarah and giles

  • alison davis (Sunday, March 16 08 07:26 pm GMT)

    cute bunnys
    hi lyn,loved your website the rabbits are so cute.i will be round soon for a cuddle [with the rabbits] see you soon x

  • Gael (Tuesday, March 25 08 05:46 pm GMT)

    Mini lop

    You have some gorgeous mini lops! I breed them too. Please see my site.


    All best wishes


  • Julie Nevin (Saturday, April 26 08 10:18 am BST)

    Pixie %26 Perkin
    Hi Lyn, We would like to say a HUGE thankyou for our two cutest, cheekiest little bunnies Perkin %26 Pixie. We are so glad we found your site as all your bunnies are such a crdit to you,through your first class care and knowledge your rabbits produce such tame, cute, cuddley little bunnies. It has been a pleasure to meet you and your bunnies and we will continue to follow the stories of you and your rabbits. Thankyou!
    Love Julie %26 Co

  • Nikki (Sunday, May 11 08 01:25 pm BST)

    baby bunnies
    Have a hutch on order, hopefull will be able to have one fo your litter very soon

  • Natalia (Sunday, May 18 08 09:37 am BST)

    i need them i need them !!! !!! !!! !!!
    i was wondering if they were all for sale if if it was just the 3 or 2 of them

    your rabbits are sooo cute in the pictures!!!

    i live in tuffley and if wouldn't take that long for me to go to Cheltnham as my dad goes there all the time!
    and anyway even if it took me to=wo days to get there i would still do it because they are the sweetest rabbits i have EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!

    kk byeeeeeeeeee =]=]=]=]=]

  • Natalia (Sunday, May 18 08 11:16 am BST)

    i need them i need themm !!! !!! !!!
    i was wondering if they were all for sale or if it was just the 3 or 2 of them

    your rabbits are sooo cute in the pictures!!!
    and i bet they are cute in rel life aswell!!

    i live in tuffley and it wouldn't take that long for me to go to Cheltnham as my dad goes there all the time!
    and anyway even if it took me two days to get there i would still do it because they are the sweetest rabbits i have EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!

    kk byeeeeeeeeee =]=]=]=]=]

  • Sara *Rudley Stud* (Thursday, June 26 08 09:23 pm BST)

    FAB site and Murphy is totally gorgeous!
    I have very much enjoyed my visit.
    Wishing you all the best...
    Sara x
    Rudley Stud
    Preserving a rare %26 beautiful breed..The ENGLISH Lop.

  • Anne (Monday, July 14 08 01:23 pm BST)

    cute site, with some really well taken care of bunnies
    Enjoyed looking at your rabbits, and the baby bunnies. If you ever need some bunny humor or bunny art, try www.lolbunnies.com

  • Emma www.freewebs.com/mini-lops (Tuesday, July 15 08 12:17 pm BST)

    Hi you have a great site %26 rabbits. Please take a look at my site if you get the chance. Good luck with future plans
    Kind Regards

  • kirsty (Saturday, August 02 08 11:36 am BST)

    thanks again for boarding our rabbits while we were on holliday, we felt much better knowing they were in good hands and they seem to be very happy.we thought all your rabbits were adorable. kirsty and simon

  • Sarah (Thursday, August 07 08 07:08 pm BST)

    Website Feedback
    Hi, Brilliant website, loved looking at all your pictures of your gorgeous bunnies!! Have a look at mine sometime. All the best. Sarah


  • Julie Nevin (Thursday, August 21 08 02:09 pm BST)

    Thank You
    Dear Lyn
    Thank you so much for looking after Pixie and Perkin while we were on holiday.It was so reassuring to know that they were in such safe hands and being well cared for while we were away.It was lovely to see all your beautiful bunnies and also the ducklings that had arrived. Thank you once again for the first class boarding that you gave to our two precious bunnies.
    Best Wishes
    Julie Nevin and Family

  • Cheryl (Friday, August 22 08 06:28 pm BST)

    hi,Thanks fr signing my guestbook,you have some lovely rabbits also.and yes i do have what you are looking for,try to mail me or phone no is on website,Take Care Cheryl.http://www.cariadstud.piczo.com

  • Nikki Reed (Tuesday, August 26 08 05:39 pm BST)

    mini lops
    your mini lops are lovely, your site is great, loved the pic of the mini lop with xmas hat lol
    good luck with future breeding

  • laura (Tuesday, August 26 08 07:25 pm BST)

    new litter
    hello there do you know when your next litter is coming?
    i would really like too know. your rabbits are so adorable!

  • Issy (Saturday, August 30 08 04:18 pm BST)

    Hi, I was wondering what the possibilities were with a house rabbit, my mum says a house rabbit would smell awfully, but i think I could deal with that if I opened a window! If I took it for little walks in the garden, do house rabbits work?

    Thank you, your bunnies are too cute!
    %3C3 Issy

  • Jayne (Friday, September 05 08 04:53 pm BST)

    Hi, you have some beautiful bunnies and love your ducks and little ducklings awwww. your site is also very nice, come visit mine sometime, thanks jayne x

  • Kath (Friday, September 05 08 09:39 pm BST)

    Hi great site and very gorgeous bunnies! I maybe interested in a chocolate buck and doe near the end of the year. Ill keep coming back and checking your site

  • laura (Sunday, September 07 08 02:15 pm BST)

    hi its laura again. i forgot when you said your next litter is coming i accidentally deleted your email sorry for the inconvenience!

  • charlotte (Sunday, September 07 08 10:20 pm BST)

    Just wanted to say congrats on the fab website, we love that you can tell how much you love your animals and hope that we have future dealings with you WELL DONE xXx

  • lucy (Friday, September 12 08 08:50 pm BST)

    hi lyn your bunnys are lovely come and visit my site
    your website is lovely

  • laura (Monday, September 15 08 08:08 pm BST)

    Hello, its laura, i was just wondering can we come and visit we are interested in buying a rabbit.
    Thank you
    Hope to see you soon

  • Ann (Wednesday, September 17 08 08:16 am BST)

    Hello, Really nice website. Some lovely rabbits, that little fawn babie is gorgeous. Congrats on your litters. You are welcome to come visit my site. All the best for future.

  • Gael (Monday, September 22 08 03:50 pm BST)

    Mini lop
    You have some gorgeous rabbits, I also have a white working Cocker Spaniel!
    Have a look at my site
    Best wishes

  • Alexia (Saturday, October 04 08 07:42 am BST)

    your bunnies
    I just had a look at your site and wondered if your blue self buck was any relation to Max at Amys Rabbits?

    I bred Max which means your line is related to my line now! :)

    I love rabbits, theyr fab aren't they!

    Best of luck with your breeding


  • Lyn at Moortop-Lops (Monday, October 06 08 08:53 am BST)

    Hiya Lyn (what a great name i'm Lyn too LOL), love your site %26 you've got some great photos of your lops, don't know how you get them to sit soo still :)
    I've just started hobby breeding french lops in North Yorkshire. When you have a spare sec feel free to have a peek at ma site.

  • rebeccas-lionheads (Tuesday, October 14 08 01:58 pm BST)

    Hi Lyn
    Just thought I would let you know bunnies have settled in and have been named Diego and Mimzy I will send you some pics soon x
    P.s I adore your seal point!

  • Ann (Friday, October 24 08 09:16 am BST)

    Hi Lyn
    Just wanted to say you have some lovely rabbits well done.
    Lovely looking kits too. Oh yes those ducks :). Gorgeous .
    All the best Ann.

  • Radnor Stud (Monday, November 10 08 08:28 am GMT)

    Thank you
    Hi lyn,

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you for my 3 new bundles of fluff, Sorrel(blue fox),Simba(blue point) and Belle(opal). They have settled in fantstically and are so friendly, such a credit to you :-). Will get pics up on site in the next wk.

    Thanks again

    Tam x

  • lucy (Tuesday, November 25 08 03:32 pm GMT)

    hi lyn my mini lop gypsey has just had 3 black fox babys so let me no if your intrested
    take care lucy

  • Willow Stud (Thursday, December 18 08 09:41 pm GMT)

    Hiya, gr8 site and love your bunnies they are so cute, any your ducks are gorgeous, i have 2 as well ( cheeky little so and soh's)
    if you get chance have a look at my site, all the best for the future,hope you have a good x-mas and new yr.
    Sam x

  • erhan (Wednesday, January 14 09 08:11 am GMT)

    cüce lop
    turkey berhaba ben türkiyeden tavşan almak istiyorum türkiyeye gönderme imkanınız varmı tüm masraflara tarafımca karşılana caktır

  • mni-lops www.freewebs.com/mini-lops (Wednesday, January 21 09 08:30 am GMT)

    Great site and bunnys. Good luck with all your future plans. Kind Regards Emm

  • lloyd sammi sl stud (Monday, February 02 09 07:25 pm GMT)

    hi great site and superb sooty we to breed minis in rew sooty and choc torts if u get the time have alook at our site its not quite finished yet good luck for o9 lloyd sammi

  • lucy (Sunday, February 08 09 06:30 pm GMT)

    hi lyn i would love a chocolate otter or a blue isabella if thats okay please can you put me on your waiting list
    hope to hear from you soon
    kind regards lucy

  • carrottcottages (Monday, February 16 09 08:21 pm GMT)

    love your site all your bunnies are beautiful. we have recently had some mini-lop babies. Please take a look at our site.

    Lauren and megan


  • lincoln mini lops (Friday, February 20 09 08:22 pm GMT)

    mini lops
    hi love bluebell mind you this is what i keep telling other people that i like blue otters but why can't i find any for sale? take a look at my site if you get chance and plaese sign my guestbook

  • Sandra (Wednesday, March 04 09 01:10 pm GMT)

    Greetings from Germany
    i found your website while searching for original british MiniLops.
    Nice bunnies!!!
    You find my sweet bunnies here: www.hoppel-furt.beep.de
    Greetings Sandra :-)

  • rebeccaslionheads (Wednesday, March 11 09 10:04 pm GMT)

    Hi Lyn, How's Rolo? hope he's getting big LOL! Your doe did well to have 6 kits congrats! Is that a choc in the litter? I'm sooo jealous! I want one LOL
    Look forward to seeing you soon

  • Sally (Tuesday, March 17 09 09:02 pm GMT)

    Hello Lyn, I was wondering if Murphy is still available? if so, could you tell me what his temperament is like? has he bred many blues for you? yuou have gorgeous rabbits. love your blue otter. many thanks


  • Emily (Wednesday, March 25 09 12:46 am GMT)

    While browsing your babies for sale i came accross a lovely little chocolate tortoiseshell buck! He's so cute! anyway I am currently looking for one or two bunnies. I was wondering if you could tell me whether it would be ok to put a boy and girl together? also is the chocolate tortoiseshell still available and if so when is he ready for collection? thank you Emily :)

  • Sally (Wednesday, March 25 09 09:00 pm GMT)

    blue fox
    Hi Lyn, I was looking at your site - Smartie is absolutely gorgeous, what a stunner! you must be very proud of him. I will watch out for his offspring! good luck with your breeding in 2009. Sallyx

  • Amanda (Friday, March 27 09 10:28 am GMT)

    Hi there, Your website is great! I'm promoting the IORSS, it's the International online Rabbit Show Society. We are a friendly community of Rabbit Exhibitors and hobbyist breeders, please check us out. Join our online rabbit show. Show 2 is now open for entries and it's totally free with prizes for places. We are aiming to become one of the largest online rabbits shows with your help. We look forward to seeing you on our forum.
    Best wishes, Amanda xxxx

  • Laura (Friday, March 27 09 06:49 pm GMT)

    Lovey bunnies
    hi lyn,

    what lovely bunny's you have, i was looking for a bunnie rabbit for my mini lop and i found your website. I think that the website is exelent! best luck with the next litter,

  • Charlotte (Thursday, April 02 09 08:10 pm BST)

    Lovely website with some super-gorgeous bunnies to compliment! Lol! They are sooo pretty, love your Otters -one of my favourite colourways in the Minis!

    Your set up looks amazing I also have to add!!

    Good luck with everything,
    Charlotte x

  • rebeccaslionheads (Tuesday, May 19 09 12:47 pm BST)

    Merlin and Diddy
    Hi Lyn,

    Just thought I would let you know that Diddy gave birth to 6 kits today so thank you for letting me use Merlin!
    And Mimzy had a whopping 9 kits unfortunately 1 died but other 8 are now 2 weeks old I think she is just like her Mum!

  • sacha (Friday, June 05 09 10:07 am BST)

    hello i called you earlier ,i would like one of your girls ,in either grey or fawn,my number is 07733191954
    your bunnies are all so georgeousmany thanks sacha

  • Kimberley Berry (Friday, June 12 09 01:47 pm BST)

    Nursery Visit
    Hi Mum
    Thank you for today!!! The children thoroughly enjoyed the rabbits coming to visit the nursery. They have been talking about the rabbites all day and think they will all be asking their parents for one!!!
    All the children have now been asking if they can come to my house to see the rest of your rabbits ... what do you think?? HaHa

  • Rosie Farmer (Friday, June 12 09 11:25 pm BST)

    Thank-you for your visit to nursery sad it was my day off. The children looked like they enjoyed it ,it was very good of you to give up your time and you are welcome back any time !!!!
    Thanks Rosie

  • Amanda (Sunday, June 14 09 08:34 pm BST)

    Hi there, i have just visited yor site and your little bunnies are gorgeous!
    i am just wondering if you would be able to give me some tips for a bunnie nursery, for the size of hutch etc.


  • leah (Thursday, June 18 09 10:53 am BST)

    hiya im buying a baby lionlop off susan and im picking it up on sunday i love your rabbits there all soooo cute ... why not start breeding lionheads

  • June Beattie (Thursday, June 18 09 07:50 pm BST)

    Require 2 new kids to replace my much loves bunnies that I lost this year
    Absolutely love your website - best I've seen!
    Would be looking for 2 does either blue Isabella, choc otter, sooty fawn, lilac otter!! Over the years have trained all my bunnies to use litter tray. Where did you buy the playpens - have not seen these before. Will speak to you over the weekend. Thanks June

  • laura (Saturday, June 27 09 02:25 pm BST)

    Wow great website and super bunnies. Also love the ducks.. Best wishes and goodluck with future plans. Visit us sometime. Love Laura
    French Lops

  • lee (Monday, July 06 09 10:32 pm BST)

    Hi lynda
    glad to see you are still doing well i do keep looking on your site. I had a bunny off you last year murphy jnr. Hes doing great and as a great personalaty and as sired many murphy infants lol. Iv done a website now still learning tho take a look at my site and i'l add you to my friends.ITS minilopbunnys.piczo.com murphy jrns on front page lol
    take care Lee

  • lucy (Thursday, August 13 09 05:24 pm BST)

    hi lyn
    i would like a lilac otter and a chocolate otter doe so please let me know when you have some babies thanks lucy

  • dawn n denis (Sunday, August 23 09 11:21 am BST)

    hiya lovely bunnnies and site we breed mini lops and mini lion lops take a look at my site www.afterglowbunnies.piczo.com dawn

  • lloyd and sammi (Monday, August 24 09 08:46 pm BST)

    hi lyn finaly got round to it great looking babies the tort is doing great slminilops.webs.com

  • Gina Staples (Thursday, September 03 09 06:11 pm BST)

    New Babies
    Hello Lynda

    Are there any photos of the new babies to go on the site? How are they doing?

    Bye for now

  • Hannah (Monday, September 07 09 10:24 pm BST)

    Hi, I think your site it fab you have some absolutely beautiful bunnies %26 babies.
    Best wishes

  • junebeattie (Wednesday, September 09 09 11:58 am BST)

    Izzy and Lulu
    Hi Lyn - bunnies are doing really well, what a handful! but they are great little characters. Will send you some photos soon. They are so affectionate towards each other although Lulu seems to wash Izzy more. The chocolate markings are really showing on Izzy and Lulu has beautiful markings.. little treasures. They are into everything and quite escape artists. Love them to bits.


  • lucy stentaford (Thursday, September 24 09 03:47 pm BST)

    Hello, your bunnies are stunning, best ive seen in a long time!
    im looking for does or bucks in blue or chocolate selfs if you have any coming up? my e-mail is keynshamlionheads@hotmail.com
    if you could get back to me that would be much apreichated
    lucy x

  • Carolyn (Saturday, October 03 09 08:35 am BST)

    Mini Lop
    Your site is very nice and your bunnies are gorgeous.
    I am looking for an otter doe in black or blue but am open to any typey doe! Yours all look very nice so could you let me know if you have any available/to reserve
    Kind regards Carolyn

  • Sara (Wednesday, November 04 09 02:48 pm GMT)

    Your mini lops
    Hi, Just stumbled across your website. You've some lovely looking mini lops :) I wish you well for future shows and litters.


  • Libby (Saturday, November 14 09 08:05 pm GMT)

    Hi Lyn, nice to see Maisy is still with you! How is she getting on? Do you have any babies for sale from her or any coming up?
    Libby, Radnall Rabbits

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  • Nerea (Wednesday, February 10 10 12:32 pm GMT)

    mini lops
    Hi I am looking for a nice doe what have you got?
    thanks Nerea

  • Tina (Saturday, February 13 10 10:22 am GMT)

    Yeah, Ellie and Fudge are on da website under new owners..

    They are happy, lively little bundles of fun

    Thanks Lyn x x

  • Carly Darkes (Thursday, February 18 10 04:25 pm GMT)

    Mini lop buck?
    Hi, I was wondering when your next litter will be due as I am looking for a mini lop buck.

    Please contact me details of parents of the litter due by email. Thankyou Carly.

  • Rebecca (Friday, February 26 10 06:48 pm GMT)

    Hi Lynn your bunnies are looking as stunning as ever! I have just had a litter from Peppa 3 choc butterflies and a choc self they are 4 days old

  • Victoria Hiatt (Wednesday, April 07 10 01:22 pm BST)

    Lovely Bunnies
    Hi Lyn

    You have some lovely bunnies, do you do chocolate torte. Many thanks www.hiattlops.weebly.com

  • Libby Timmis (Monday, May 03 10 11:16 am BST)

    Chocolate Tortoiseshells
    Hi Lyn. I have some choc torts available now and another litter available in a couple of weeks. Just letting you know. (Someone reserved one a while ago but the window broke in the shed and the folder where I write down who has reserved what for the future got wet and I can't read it 'cause the ink has run! Sorry to bother you if it isn't you!) I might be looking for a tort buck soon if you have anything, let me know! Hope all is well. Libby @ Radnall Rabbits

  • Dave (Friday, May 07 10 10:40 pm BST)

    Lilac Otter
    You certainly have some beautiful buns. Especially like Jasmin. I see you have a litter planned May 21st. Does that mean they are due on that day or is that the day you are mating Jasmin to Smartie. If I haven't found a lilac otter doe before your litter is born, would definitely be interested in a lilac otter doe if any in litter.
    Best wishes

  • cxtxns (Tuesday, May 25 10 04:19 pm BST)

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  • Yvonne Swift (Sunday, July 18 10 01:01 pm BST)

    Lilac butterfly
    Hello Lyn

    Do you have any baby minilops available at the moment? I'm looking for a friend for Parker my dwarf lop who is missing his friend Charley who died last year. I would like a minilop buck with lilac butterfly markings if possible.

    Kind regards

  • Libby Timmis (Wednesday, October 13 10 10:21 pm BST)

    Hi Lyn, I think you bought Maisy from me years ago. I see you have had some babies from her recently. Would you keep me updated on and future litters please and also, could you remind me of her parenting? I know she was one of the first litters of torts but I can't remember who from! Please take a look at my site if you have time. www.radnallrabbits.webs.com xxx

  • Lindsay (Saturday, October 23 10 10:30 pm BST)

    Gorgeous bunnies
    I just have to say how lovely I think your bunnies are. I am just in the process of looking around for a couple of mini lop does, hope to get them for the new year. I have quite a few breeders here in Devon so I hope to find the bunnies that we want. If we don't have any luck I may have to try further afield!!! I went to college in Cheltenham (at The Park) so I know the area very well!
    All the best with your bunnies - I shall be checking to see what all your kits turn out like!

  • Emma (Sunday, October 24 10 01:22 pm BST)

    Hi Great site enjoyed looking around your mini's are adorable
    Please take a look at mine if you get the chance its mini-lops.webs
    Thanks Emma

  • Ruth Statham (Friday, November 26 10 12:56 pm GMT)

    Lilac babies

    I am looking for two Lilac mini lops to live together. I will not be breeding from them or anything just as pets. I have had rabbits all my life, but I am without one at teh moment. Will you be having an Lilac babies in 2011?

    Kind regards,

  • Abi - Lawton Rabbit Stud (Saturday, November 27 10 07:53 pm GMT)

    fab website, and bunnies!! your minis are a credit to you.
    May i just ad, i love your choc points your breeding out of your choc lines, well done. I love choc points!
    Kind regards
    Lawton Rabbit Stud

  • Sophie Beck (Monday, December 06 10 06:14 pm GMT)

    What gorgeous bunnies
    Hello Lyn,

    What a beautiful site you have and your bunnies are gorgeous, makes me want to have several!!

    Its lovely to see them so well cared for with such lovely facilities.

    Sophie :-)

  • Grace (Thursday, December 23 10 07:21 pm GMT)

    Great Website!
    Love the website and the bunnies are absolutely gorgeous! Will definately be checking back to see if you've had any litters in the new year.
    Grace x


  • Emma (Monday, December 27 10 03:45 pm GMT)

    Really enjoyed looking around your site - best of luch for 2011
    Kind Regards
    Emma (mini-lops.webs)

  • willowdene Stud (Monday, February 14 11 12:51 pm GMT)

    Hi from Dean and Amanda
    You have some really lovely lops, please take a look around our site, all the best from Dean and Amanda xx

  • Bunny Lover (Tuesday, February 22 11 07:58 am GMT)

    i love bunnies
    i was looking at the information section and at the bot off the page was 2 chocolate rabbits!!!

  • joan (Tuesday, February 22 11 03:26 pm GMT)

    just to say i love your web site and gorgeous bunnies they are a credit to you.
    i have just starting again after 5yrs missrd them too much.would you like to have a look round my site.http://jontonyascutemini-lops.weebly.com/
    thanks joan

  • Sue and Mark (Tuesday, March 01 11 04:21 pm GMT)

    Lovely Rabbits
    Just having a look at rabbit sites on the web.

    We breed and show Lionheads.

    Have a look at our website www.marrabbits.moonfruit.com if you get the chance.

    Sue and Mark X

  • brie page (Saturday, March 26 11 03:35 pm GMT)

    hi lyn was looking at ur bunnies they are beautiful i also breed mini lops but i breed more of the standard velvet rex they are my passion take a look briesbunnies.webs.com i am also looking for a mini lop doe approx 8 month to 11 months in 8 weeks time if u have any i am based in gloucester x

  • Isabella (Tuesday, April 12 11 03:59 pm BST)

    Superior thinking dmeonstratde above. Thanks!

  • Taran (Tuesday, April 12 11 05:15 pm BST)

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  • susan Tooth (Saturday, June 04 11 07:17 pm BST)

    just had a look on your web page as I have tow rabbit and they given birth to 8 lovely babies father in France lop and mother is English lop

  • Kim (Tuesday, June 14 11 06:37 am BST)

    Teddy :)
    Hi Mum :)

    Just wanted to say thankyou for the best birthday present ever!! :D my mini lop (Teddy) has settled in really well to his new home and is definately full of character!!

    Good luck with your first litter of french lops am sure they will be just as gorgeous as Buttercup :)

    Kimbo xxx

  • Becky Tucker Beckys Bunnies (Thursday, June 23 11 10:14 pm BST)

    Hi Lyn,
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my guestbook i have now added you to my waiting list and you are the 2nd person waiting for a Chinchilla. Would you want a doe or a buck?

    I look forward to speaking to you soon

    Becky xx

  • Holly Shannon (Friday, July 08 11 05:01 pm BST)

    Hi Lyn!
    Just wanted to let you know that Lewis loves his new rabbit, Josh! He's settled in well and enjoying his new home. I love him! So thanks a lot and will keep you updated on how he's doing and will make sure mum doesn't over feed him

  • Holly Shannon (Friday, July 08 11 05:01 pm BST)

    Hi Lyn!
    Just wanted to let you know that Lewis loves his new rabbit, Josh! He's settled in well and enjoying his new home. I love him! So thanks a lot and will keep you updated on how he's doing and will make sure mum doesn't over feed him

  • Holly Shannon (Friday, July 08 11 05:01 pm BST)

    Hi Lyn!
    Just wanted to let you know that Lewis loves his new rabbit, Josh! He's settled in well and enjoying his new home. I love him! So thanks a lot and will keep you updated on how he's doing and will make sure mum doesn't over feed him

  • Kimbo (Friday, July 08 11 05:13 pm BST)

    Nursery visit
    Heyy Mum :)

    Thankyou for bringing Hugo the big frenchie into the nursery for the kids to see they really enjoyed it!!! They were very excited to tell there parents at the end of the day and have been drawing pictures of him!

    Thanks again

    Kimbo xx

  • Evelyn (Friday, July 15 11 01:50 pm BST)

    Kind regard

    Let me introduce you my small rabbit breed?

    I breed dwarf lops and Minilops.

    Mainly in the colors blackfox and chocolate fox

    Now and then I also have other beautiful colors in the nests.

    I still wish you a wonderful breed in 2011 and a lot of healthy young rabbits.

    If you like, take a look for my website!

    Kind regards

    Evelyn and the Lopchichis


  • Libby (Wednesday, August 10 11 02:03 pm BST)

    Tort Doe
    Hi Lyn, no problem, she is ready around the middle of August x

  • lucy (Monday, September 26 11 09:09 pm BST)

    hi lyn
    hows you i love your new bunnys hope your well
    maybe we could catch up soon

  • Kayla Seagrave (Monday, January 30 12 02:06 pm GMT)

    Hello my name is Kayla, I visited your website today and have fallen in love with all your georgeous bunnies! I have a mini lop Buck, Blue Otter and he is just the best little rabbit, he has the best character, a right little cheeky monkey!

    I must admit I fell head over heels in love with your chocolate butterfly doe, oh my god! She is adorable. Cheltenham isn't too far away from Keynsham is it? lol.

    I will definately be visiting your website again, and maybe one day I may even get the privelage of adopting one of your rabbits?!

    Keep up the good work!
    Kayla and Dandy xx

  • sabrina (Thursday, March 08 12 07:28 am GMT)

    Proud mummy
    Hi Lyn,
    Buttercup is the proud mummy of 3 babies this morning. We are so excited! i really hope i follow in your footsteps and be the best breeder i can be.
    Im so glad i bought Dexter for a holiday. if i had not done, i would not have buttercup and benjamin now and My little girl wouldnt be crying those happy tears like she was this morning. Our new venture is making memories for her and seeing her huge smile, makes me a very happy mum this morning too.
    Thanks for all your advice so far...im sure it wont be the last you hear from me :-) x

  • holly (Saturday, March 10 12 09:29 am GMT)

    buttercup and benji
    hi lyn
    thank you so much for makeing me and my mum so happy

    ps. we only buy the best from the best

  • Rachel lockinglops) (Saturday, March 10 12 09:01 pm GMT)

    Your Gorgeous Bunnies
    Hiya Lyn
    Love all your Bunnies, wish I had some space !
    Hope you are happy with the doe you got from us,we have a few litters, we love to see the babies hopping around.
    take care

  • Anna (Thursday, March 15 12 10:38 am GMT)

    i really love your rabbits, i think my mum is going to buy me a kit as a suprise... i can't wait!

  • lucy (Tuesday, May 01 12 10:13 am BST)

    choc otter french lop doe
    hi lyn i am very intrested in a choc otter french lop doe
    please please can you let me have one of your babys there georgeous you have nothing to worry about as i have cut down on my bunnys now i only have french and mini lops i have 4 mini lops and 3 french lops hope to hear back from you soon
    kind regards lucy

  • Shelby Bishop (Thursday, August 09 12 10:42 am BST)

    Bunnies look great!!! :), I too breed mini lops for showing etc.
    I breed purebred Mini lop bunnies, I breed sooty fawn, choc tort, beige and seal point!!, I have a website with regualr updates.

  • jade smith (Tuesday, August 28 12 05:49 pm BST)

    second bunny!!
    My boyfriend got me a baby blue otter buck for my birthday, i named him bruno and he is adorable! We are now looking for a girlfriend for him! coming back to lyn as bruno is such a loving rabbit, he came from a good home!!

  • Sara (Thursday, October 11 12 05:59 pm BST)

    Excellent service - wholly recommend
    I have to say that using Berrys Bunnys absolutely made our recent holiday. Lyn was able to help us at very short notice and was warm and caring throughout. Her husband is an asset to her too :-)
    Our girls came back looking healthy and happy and actually calmer(!) It was so reassuring to know they were in good hands for the week and I didn't at any stage doubt Lyn's service. I will recommmend you far and wide Lyn. Thank you for allowing us time to truly relax and feel good about the choice we made for 'our babies" x

  • nigel (Monday, February 04 13 09:49 pm GMT)

    mini lops
    hi,discovered you,by googleing,just bought a chocolate point buck.
    you have a lovely setup,and certainly seem to put quality time in with your youngsters,just wondered what your breeding plans for 2013 are,i am going to be looking for some suitable does this year.
    thanks nigel

  • Hannah (Tuesday, September 17 13 12:27 pm BST)

    New Furries
    I recently purchased two mini lops from Berrys Bunnys, one of which was a chocolate otter butterfly buck and the other an orange Doe. I called them Izzy and Monty. They are absolutely gorgeous and so friendly. They crave attention and get on perfectly with my 20 month old son and two cats. Very pleased with my furries, thank you again Lyn.

  • Steff (Wednesday, December 04 13 10:26 pm GMT)

    I got two does off Lyn a sooty otter and a sooty fawn both beautiful, they have settled in really well. I would definately recommend buying from Lyn than going to a pet shop as you know you have a good healthly rabbit and can see the parents they are huge hits with my family thankyou!! Xx

  • Ellie Migliaccio (Friday, January 03 14 02:10 pm GMT)

    Rabbit run covers
    Hi Lyn,
    Toffee and Lilly seemed very happy after a wonderful stay with you over Christmas, so thank you very much. I was wondering where you got your rabbit run covers from or who made them for you?
    Thank you, Ellie

  • Hayley (Monday, January 06 14 06:20 pm GMT)

    Sooty otter
    Hello lyn

    I brought a sooty otter doe from lyn and she's lovely!

    She's very settled now and very happy! I've named her flopsy!

    Thankyou lyn


  • Lyudmila (Sunday, September 21 14 04:23 am BST)

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  • Hayley Allen (Sunday, November 09 14 06:27 pm GMT)

    Hi Berrys Bunnys

    Just stopping to say hi. I bought a blue otter buck from you back in 2010. We named him Billy and I just wanted to let you know he is the loveliest little bunny. He is a very healthy, happy little boy who now shares his life with his playmate Rosie.

    Thanks for such a fab bunny.

    Hayley x

  • Ruth (Thursday, November 05 15 06:45 pm GMT)

    I brought Percy not long ago from Lyn and he has been fantastic so far with a super personality. He is a Chocolate Buck and now lives with a playmate Alice. I am so pleased I got him from such a lovely home where I know he had the best start in life.

  • Vianca (Wednesday, March 30 16 09:54 am BST)

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  • Olivia (Friday, April 08 16 02:39 am BST)

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