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Hi my name is Lyn berry and I am a BRC registered breeder of Miniature Lop Rabbits and we are based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

I have now been breeding mini-lop rabbits for ten years and I have enjoyed my experience very much.

I currently have a small stud of mini-lops in chocolate (otter, self & butterfly) ,blue (otter,self & butterfly) ,lilac (otter, self & butterfly) sooty fawn,chocolate tortoiseshell, and orange

My rabbit stud is purely a hobby for me and I do not aim to make any profit from it, any money I receive will go towards the ongoing care of my adult rabbits. I would not hesitate to take my rabbits to the vet for treatment if it was necessary as they are much loved pets and their health and well being is the most impotant thing to me.

All my adult rabbits are fully vaccinated and fed on a good quality food with plenty of fresh meadow hay, carrots and greens with the occasional treat.They are kept in large spacious hutches and have regular exersise in our garden runs.

My rabbits are bred as close to the BRC standard as possible and my aim is to improve my own lines and produce show quality rabbits.They are bred for colour type and temperament and all my kits are handled daily and as a result we produce happy healthy bunnies with friendly lively personalitys and great temperaments.

As well as the rabbits we also have Harvey our cocker spaniel dog and Daisy and Clyde our swedish miniature ducks.

If you are interesested in viewing our kits or would like more information please contact me on :

We also sell -

Hay - £3.00 per bag

Straw- £2.50 per bag

Wood shavings - 2.00per bag


07962156971 - Mobile


Email- berrysbunnys2017@gmail.com







We are located at:

Berry's Bunnys 

Elm Lodge

Elmstone Hardwicke


GL51 9TF

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